Awesome News for the Kiwiburn Arts Department!

May 15, 2023

Where there was one, there shall now be two! The Kiwiburn Arts department recently underwent consultation on whether the previous role of Arts Facilitator was possibly too large for one person (and perhaps why we’ve struggled to fill this role for the last year >>scratching chins<<) and there was widespread agreement on this. A survey of all affected departments gave a clear direction forward, and we can now announce the following: Arts will be split into two. Ta Da! That means there will be two facilitators representing on ExCom, which seems only fair seeing as any Burn is driven so much by Art. The restructured Arts Facilitator will look after Art Registrations, ARTery, Kiwiburn Arts Committee (KAC), Burnable Arts and Mutant Vehicles; And the newly minted Theme Camp Facilitator will look after Theme Camps, Event Registrations, Sound and Centre Camp. This makes both roles much more achievable and nowhere near as overwhelming and it just makes sense! Don’t you love stuff that makes sense? We do. Well, sometimes.
New job descriptions are being drafted as we speak, so watch this space as now we need the right peeps to fill these roles,

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