Be careful of ticket scammers!

Jan 6, 2020

Be careful of people responding to your posts looking for tickets, as fake profiles are popping up, especially on the facebook event page.

Don’t panic – take your time to check out the person. Things to look for:

  • profile pic looks like a stock image rather than a real person
  • wrong gender (his / hers)
  • friend list is also fake profiles
  • groups belonged to are inconsistent and incongruous

If you buy or sell a ticket from someone you don’t know outside of STEP, here are some tips:

  • Please be careful if someone is buying or selling a ticket, or if someone responds to your post and contacts you via Facebook, get the buyer or seller to add you as a friend so you can check out their facebook profile.
  • They must have a Kiwiburner Profile
  • Always transfer tickets with Quicket’s Ticket Transfer tool, NOT by editing the ticket information. The Ticket Transfer tool will generate a new ticket with a new barcode once it has been transferred, and make the original ticket invalid. This process is irreversible so be careful when transferring a ticket to someone you don’t know.
  • Make sure you see a copy of the ticket or a screenshot of the ticket transfer page before buying.
  • Consider using Paypal as the form of payment for a layer of protection.
  • Beware if the seller says things like “I’ve had chargeback issues in the past with Paypal and need the money in my bank.”
  • Get their personal contact details and give them a call or try to meet up in person.

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