Regional Contact’s round up for 2019

Jan 6, 2020

by Lumos, your Burning Man Regional Contact

That hard working group of participants known as the ExCom has been very busy. Kiwiburn now has a 10 year resource consent, and because we are growing in size, we need more procedures and processes to ensure we all have a safe gathering and a safe Burn.

We are doing a better job of communication as an organisation, and I have been involved in conversations and meetings about Theme Camps, sound systems and noise levels, fire art safety and Mutant Art vehicles.

We have formed FAST (Fire Art Safety Team) and have one of Burning Man’s senior FAST Team Leads joining us from the USA to help mentor us, because fire always has its dangers.

As somebody who has had a Mutant Art vehicle at every Kiwiburn since 2009, I am very pleased to be a part of the team which will help encourage more safe mobile art on the Paddock.

While many of us have tickets to Kiwiburn 2020, we all have plenty of friends who missed out, and though this makes us sad, Kiwiburn’s growth is limited by the number of people who volunteer. There are teams of people at Gate, Greeters, Depot, Rangers and Parking (to name a few), and if the past is anything to go by, there are never enough participants signing up for shifts! This leaves a small group of participants doing All of the Things and leading to the dreaded burn out… so please, volunteer for at least one shift somewhere; your time is the greatest gift you can give.



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