Theme Camp Guide

Jan 6, 2020

Registrations for official Theme Camps closed a few weeks ago and we can now reveal the full list of registered Theme Camps to delight your every whim at this year’s Kiwiburn. Have a look what will be available for you to feast on for there are options catering to all among the delightful and whimsical, the loud and proud, the immersive and provoking, the active and participatory, the silly and nonsensical, and the educational and instructive.

Our awesome Town Planners have been quietly beavering away and are working their magic as we speak. A sneak peak at what these amazing humans are proposing for this year is looking gooood indeed! Get excited y’all, in the unlikely event you’re not already!

Of course we’ve given you a taste of various events planned, but if you’ve missed it here’s the link. You can still submit an event you’d like to host but you only have until 12 January so it can be included in the shiny printed guide.

And on that note, keep an eye out for next week’s special EFP: Camping Edition, which will be jam-packed with all sorts of useful info! Bring. It. On.

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