Two weeks people!

Jan 6, 2020

Can you see it clearly? Rubbing your eyes in disbelief? Having visions of being on site soon? Just two weeks until Kiwiburn 2020. Perfectly in sight! Now you can visualise it, right? And no, we’re not yet tired of 20/20 jokes.

In just a smidge over two weeks, the long wait will be over and we shall be meeting in a Paddock again. It’s been a long time coming, and your patience will be worth it. This really is shaping up to be an extra special event.

Keep en eye out for tons more info, cos it’s gonna come at you fast and furious. Keep checking the Facebook Kiwiburn Group page, the Rideshare page, the offical Kiwiburn webpage or your individual Theme Camp groups. Whatever questions you have, there is an answer for it somewhere.

Now keep chanting with us: Two weeks, two weeks, two weeks….

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