Auckland Decompression

Apr 22, 2024

Next up is the Auckland Decompression. We wrote about this in an EFP recently, but given it’s happening this weekend, we thought we’d post up a quick reminder!

Given that Kiwiburn 2024 is done and dusted, how about one last hurrah before the long wait for Kiwiburn 2025 begins? Relive the magic of the Paddock in inner South Auckland at the Auckland Decompression. Put on by a bunch of lovely Auckland based Burners, this is a great chance to meet/catch up with/dance with/party with fellow Burners. 

Taken from the Facebook event, this year’s theme is ‘Cone-ection… Celebrate the power of ‘Cone-ection!’ Reunite with friends and relive the memories as we discover the unexpected bonds formed around our shared love for the humble traffic cone.’ If you’d like more info, you can find said event details here.

This event also doubles as a fundraiser for ‘Coney McConeface’, an art installation that will be making the long journey to the Playa at the big Burn over in the States. Tickets for the decompression can be purchased here



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