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Jul 21, 2019

All hail community initiatives!

Check out the Community Conversations Series web series brought you by Burners Without Borders (BWB). They have just released their third video, where they feature the leads of BWB-North Texas speaking on How to build a local Civic Minded Community. Suza and Amber give some great tips and tricks on how to get your community involved, how to rotate leadership, and how to have FUN while you’re doing it all (and fun, clearly, is not optional).

THAT’S NOT ALL , they also prepared a shareable powerpoint presentation which has a lot of great content you can share and use with your own community (yay! love a powerpoint) – this goes along with the video.
Mihi to Breedlove (from BWB) via Lumos (our Regional Rep) for this info.
On a side note – this reasonably chuckle worthy video, for those familiar with Burning Man, or not.

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