Get stuck into carbon Leave No Trace

May 15, 2023

The burn may seem like a distant memory by this time of year, but did you know there’s still some Leave No Trace mahi yet to be completed? In the spirit of the guiding principles, we believe that we should also be taking responsibility for the unavoidable emissions we’ve created by having Kiwiburn.


If this resonates, come join us for a chat with other burners to discuss how we might collectively address carbon responsibility, tree planting and community regeneration. We will cover Kiwiburn’s approach to date, hear from camps that are already on the journey and combine brain power to plan our way forward. Some questions we will explore include:


  • What are camps and general campers currently doing to counter their emissions? Are they counting their footprint? Already “removing” carbon?
  • What approach does the community want to take ownership of?
    • joining existing volunteering opportunities to collectively plant trees
    • pooling together to create mega tree planting parties
    • non-tree planting carbon removal art projects (e.g. biochar, algae bioreactors, etc.)


This discussion will be held online on Tuesday 30th May 6pm – 7pm at the following link


See you there!


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