Goodbye Jamie, and thanks for all the fish.

Aug 26, 2019

From humble beginnings, he emerged, and now he is born again. Our Crew Facilitator Jamie is stepping down from his role. Keeping it real since 2017, Jamie has facilitated the crew with the panache of a suave French waiter, but with more dinner breaks.

Thank you Jamie for all the mahi you have done over the past ye-ye-years; developing emotional support capacities for crew, starting a professional lounging initiative, being a member of ExCom, and lots of other Important Stuff… but this is definitely not goodbye, his Burning desire still burns bright.

In an exclusive interview, Jamie told us “don’t thank me, thank them. Remember, without volunteers, we would be nothing. Also, it’s a trap.” He would like to mihi to the hard-working volunteers of old, of present, and to those yet to come; they make Kiwiburn the wonder that it is.

Thank you Jamie, for your parting words of wisdom.

nanos gigantum humeris insidentes (We stand on the shoulders of giants) (which is especially helpful for Jamie, because now he can see what’s going on).

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