Got Questions? Bet You Aren’t the First!

Jan 11, 2021

The first step to Radical Self-Reliance is finding the answer yourself! Why? It’s certainly not because we don’t love you and it’s definitely not because we wouldn’t relish the opportunity to spend all day talking about the Burn. It’s just that, well… we are flippin’ BUSY! However magical Kiwiburn may appear, it does not make itself. It takes hundreds of volunteers (many of whom are already on-site) working tirelessly year-round to make this magic happen. 

We understand though – you are busy preparing for the Burn too! Of course you have questions that need answering. So why don’t you saunter on over to our Frequently Asked Questions page and serve yourself a bit of yummy Radical Self-Reliance. There’s info on gate times, tickets, animals, travel, theme camps, music, photography, toilets, emergencies, and so, so, much more! 

Image Credit: Open Source

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