How to cope with the post-burn blues:

Feb 27, 2023

It’s been a full month since we were on the Paddock, and if you’re an Auckland-based Burner, it seems the rain has followed us from the Paddock right back here.
If you’re lucky enough to live outside of New Zealand’s largest carpark, you might be having your share of environmental anxiety just from seeing the news.

Wherever your location, If you’re like me, you’re probably feeling a decent amount of the post-Burn blues. Maybe you spent your entire year’s allowance of serotonin on Effigy night, maybe you miss all your beautiful Burner friends, or maybe you’re just bummed because you have to get up and go to work each day so you can afford petrol to go to work each day.

Whatever it is that’s got you down, we wanted to share some of our favourite tips for keeping your brain in the game.

  Follow the sun: It’s not supposed to be in short supply this time of year, we’ve not seen  it peek out much, so try and take a break and get the sun on you for ten minutes. Cats understand the importance of this daily ritual, #catwisdom. 

  Stay Kiwiburn active: Just because the time on the Paddock is over doesn’t mean your participation has to be! Lurk in the Facebook groups, read the literary masterpiece that is the EFP (the thing you’re literally reading now. Yep. Now)and reach out to those amazing new friends you made this year! Even just a DM can go a long way to maintaining positive connections. 

  Join the crew! Every team at Kiwiburn needs volunteers. There are so many juicy roles available, why not see what’s on offer? Being a part of the ongoing process that makes Kiwiburn happen is a surefire way to keep your optimism bubbling over.


Image Credit: Dario

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