Impressions from Burning Man 2019

Sep 9, 2019

photo courtesy of Diia Bourke


The last of the human inhabitants of what was Black Rock City are busy MOOPing. They are making sure all remnants of the temporary city which annually rises from the dust in the Nevada desert are removed, and the site is returned to the barren landscape it started out as a few weeks ago.

Most revellers will be back to their respective homes, showered, with clothes laundered, yet lingering memories remain. As the dust literally settles and Burning Man 2019, Metamorphosis is beginning to only leave an impression in the minds of those who were there…

It was another bumper year of incredible art! Wrap your eyeballs around these amazing art installations on the playa. Or if you prefer to take a visual tour, this movie tells a great story. We will bring you more recollections, memories and retrospective from this year’s Playa in coming issues, and send us your links to be featured.

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