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Jun 10, 2024

Believe it or not, we’re already halfway through this thing they call 2024! With only six months to go until the Burn, we at Kiwiburn have officially set our watches to Crunch-Time. Next year’s Burn is set to be a big ‘un which means we need every Volunteer position filled! Without volunteers, Kiwiburn can’t run. So head along to our volunteer page and see what role suits you best!

Volunteering isn’t just a way to meet some awesome new humans and be an active participant. It’s also a good way for YOU to make Kiwiburn happen! Your voice, and input becomes a part of the whole and it’s honestly the best way to burn.

There’s a whole heap of different roles and they all have a range of time needed, so don’t think you’ll have to quit your full time job and move in with your sister who you hate just to be a part of the Kiwiburn crew. There’s loads of roles available, go have a geez.

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