Lost and Found Reminder

Jan 25, 2021

Things get lost! Especially when you are having fun. Do look after your things and try to keep your wits and stuff about you. When something does get left behind, here is a reminder of how it works:

  • Theme Camps manage their own lost and found – bits of clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen, drinks, general stuff left at Theme Camps will be kept there for you. The best course of action is to retrace your steps the next morning (good luck with that!) and politely enquire about your lost toy elephant, half drunk whiskey bottle, pet rock, or whatever.
  • Anything valuable – cell phones, cameras, wallets – (why are you carrying a wallet!!) can be taken to the Lost and Found at the Depot. They take care of the serious things and will post the unclaimed stuff on Facebook as well, after the event.

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