Open Evening with ExCom

Dec 6, 2021

There will be an open evening which anyone can join to ask ExCom questions around the cancellation, refunds and especially what should happen instead! We’re keen to hear your creative minds coming together and to see how the Kiwiburn organisation can help. As stated, ExCom can help with documentation, framework, technical know-how and access to people (acting as a conduit), but possibly also some small grants and financial support, depending on the idea and the accessibility to the rest of the Kiwiburn community.

This meeting will be on 14 December at 7:30pm.

Meeting ID: 878 7753 0099

Passcode: 380665

If you do have any questions, please feel free to email and we will compile a list of questions. We will also publish these questions in next week’s EFP in preparation for the meeting that evening as these will form part of the agenda. You will still be able to ask questions during the meeting.

We are also working on a FAQ section on the website for a number of cancellation related questions, bear with us.


Image Credit: Peter Jennings, Kiwiburn 2014

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