Dec 1, 2016

Kiwiburn is aware of a recent outbreak of scabies within the Wellington Burner community. Scabies is highly contagious and has the potential to spread quickly in a festival environment. We strongly advise anyone with the disease to seek treatment before attending Kiwiburn, being mindful of their personal Civic Responsibility to the rest of the Kiwiburn Community. Do not turn up untreated. We recommend people follow the Ministry of Health’s guidelines:

  • Clothes should be washed in hot water and dried – then put in a sealed plastic bag for four days. (Dry cleaning also works.)
  • Bedding and linen – sheets, pillowcases, towels and facecloths – should be washed in hot water.
  • It may be necessary to repeat the scabies treatment – talk to your pharmacist or doctor for advice.
  • Exclude from school, childcare or work until the day after appropriate treatment.

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