Poster Competition

Jun 3, 2024

Hey Burners,

Don’t forget about our Trash Renaissance Fair poster design competition! We had so many great submissions for the theme, there’s doubtless a bunch of you out there who can whip up a two-dimensional masterpiece.
We need your creativity to shine! A theme of recycled, reimagined opulence demands a totally baller poster, yo.

The prize? As well as the satisfaction of a job well done, a ginormous boost to your ego, and the adoration of your fellow burners, you’ll receive this one-of-a-kind, retro emoji!


And oh, the winner also gets a ticket.Just sayin’

Let’s turn trash into treasure, on paper! Get those designs in by 1 July 2024 for a chance to win and see your work everywhere at Kiwiburn 2025.

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