Art Grant money for you and for you and for you!

Jun 3, 2024

Whether you’re a painter, a sculptor, a lover of pretty lights, everything in between and anything beyond – now is your chance to potentially grab some dosh towards your awesome as Art project! Art Grants are open until 25 June 2024, just 3 weeks from now. 


If you’ve got an epic Art piece you wanna bring to the Paddock and want some schmacks to help you make it happen, get your application in through the Art Grants section of the Kiwiburn Portal. Applicants will be notified of outcomes by 10 July 2024.


  • Small Art Grants – for new projects under $500
  • Large Art Grants – for new projects that are expected to be over $500 (the biggest grant funded so far was $3680!)


There’s also the Large Art Logistics Grants, which help with transportation costs of getting big-ass Art to the Paddock, although applications for this don’t open til 1 Octobeer 2024 – but just so ya know.


You can find all the info you need on the Art Grants page and you can have a nosey at a not-too-shabby application right heeerrreeee!


Did we mention a successful application comes with at least one reserve ticket? Just sayin…


Image Credit: Andy Flint

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