Re-shuffle in Kiwiburn ExCom

Sep 2, 2019

Kiwiburn has a ‘New’ Services Facilitator! Committee Chair changes ExCom seats to focus on her true passion

Kiwiburn ExCom Chairperson Jaz Hunter’s commitment to Kiwiburn has been strong for eight years now (wow!). Apart from her time as Chair, she has served as Gate Lead, Site Manager, Swag Lead and is currently Ticketing Lead and on the Event Management Team. 

Jaz stepped up to the Kiwiburn ExCom Chair role when needed, wearing multiple hats whilst in this position to get Kiwiburn through a period of immense change. As the dust begins to settle, she’s found her true calling and next big role, stepping away from Chair to serve as our new ExCom Services Facilitator! Tania, Kiwiburn’s Services Guru for the past many years, is stepping down to 2IC to enable her to fit in other default world projects. Thanks for being part of the team. 

In this new role Jaz will oversee the Services department, guiding the very teams she has been working in for a few years. We’re glad you’re on the job Jaz!

“In my year as Chair I’ve learnt so much about how Kiwiburn operates, how much work goes on behind the scenes on a governance level and heaps about myself. I encourage and challenge every member of Kiwiburn to consider how they might contribute to our community.”

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