Regional Round-a-bout… now

Nov 5, 2018

Dare we say it… welcome to summer? Here are some slirpy newsies from around the world to whet your appetite for the months to come. Swwwww…

watch this feature-length docu-genre news story about Burning Man, in German! 

…MOOP-a-dupa. Watch this and you’ll see the empty desert after all the German doc-genre-news-story-makers have gone home. Pretty different to the grassy knoll we inhabit eh?

…<insert token post-Halloween quip here>, and seriously look at Baba Yaga’s house.We need this at Kiwiburn, I would live there.

…Afrikaburn? Tickets are on sale NOW!

…Burning Seed! This page has photographic evidence that it happened, if you look hard enough (AKA scroll down).

…”Oh waaaaow.” So Burning Seed created an online searchable database for folk to search for lost items after the event. Coooooool. Well, it’s closed now so you can’t see it, but here is the Facebook page in case you went and lost your mind and still can’t find it. 

…word on the street in Melburners decom is November 17th. Go right ahead! 

here is some food for thought. Not exactly burn-related material, and certainly not any material we would like to burn, but too good not to share. Eat up!

…did we tell you, you look great today? And on top of it all, you are a wonderful person. 


Until next time.

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