Regional Round Up

Sep 12, 2022

AfrikaBurn – Has released this amazing video covering how their Burn, The Elastic Kraal, went this year. They’ve squeezed so much into five minutes, we absolutely must recommend you check it out while waiting for your tea to steep. They have also kicked off all their registrations (art, theme camps, events, performances, the works!) so if you’re planning on doing something crazy in Africa in 2023, register it!

Midburn – Kicks off in 27 days and is looking like it’s going to be a HUGE one. Their homepage mentions that this year is a transition year for the event, which applies to Midburn as a whole and encourages its attendees to do the same. We’re excited to see what kind of psychedelic butterflies come out the other side!

Burning Seed – Aptly named Rekindle, Burning Seed was delayed this year, but has announced the new date of March 23rd 2023. They’re on the hunt for volunteers to join their crew, so if you want to see how Australia rocks a Burn, take a look!

Image credit: created in WOMBO AI art generator. 

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