Burning Man Recap

Sep 12, 2022

For the first time in three years, the Man Burned! Waking Dreams seemed an appropriate moniker for something so surreal. Speaking not as an attendee, but an envious onlooker, it looked as though despite being on the ropes since 2019, Burning Man has come back harder than Rocky Balboa in the final round. Reports are flooding in from Kiwis and non-Kiwis alike, including tales of dust storms, unbelievable art installations and a juicy Temple controversy (what can you use art grant money for?).

The largest commonality across anecdotal conversations from those in attendance was not just about the fun, the fashion and the frolicking, but how challenging this year’s Burn was. Hearing about the emotional highs and lows and some awe-inspiring personal revelations demonstrates just how engaging the art installations and atmosphere were to balance out the physical hardships of the experience.

As the dust begins to settle (sorry-not-sorry), anticipation for Kiwiburn has been dialed all the way up to eleven. Take a look at some of the art and outfits from Burning Man 2022 and make ready the Paddock! 

Image Credit: Leo Horthy

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