Regional Round-Up

Apr 8, 2019

Lots is happening in the network of Regional Burns!

First off is Blazing Swan, held in Western Australia’s Kurin from 17 April- 23 April. Each year, the effigy has to be in the shape of a Swan, which is worth seeing we reckon.  So grab one of the last tickets and hop on a plane.


The next major burn coming up after that is AfriKaBurn (29 April – 5 May) in Tankwa South Africa.

They burn an effigy called the San Clan, which is designed to look like rock hero glyphs of the San people, usually depicting a group of people. Check out their website here. Believe it or now, there are still tickets available, so if you’re the spontaneous type for a quick trip to Africa….


If you’d like to know more about Regional Burns (and there are a fair few), check out this handy calendar provided by our friends at Burning Man. Some weeks you could attend up to four Burns at the same time. Who is up for a challenge?


Back in Australia is Modifyre in Queensland (3-8 July). Start your preparations by reading more here.


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