Seeking: One Parking Lead

Jul 19, 2021

Kiwiburn needs a new Parking Lead – the person who coordinates the onsite traffic team, works with Gate and Greeters to ensure all traffic on site runs safe and smooth, and directs it to where it needs to be. To take on this role, you’ll need leadership and training skills, be good at organising stuff, and okay on a computer. It’d also be sweet if you have previous experience with Kiwiburn’s traffic control and the Kiwiburn organisational structure.

The role requires you to be onsite for the day before and first two days of the Burn, with a multitude of meetings each day, and be similarly available on the final day to guide the Exodus. You’ll also need to put in up to an hour’s work per week from September through February. Sign up here and prove that you’re the traffic controller with the mostest. 

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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