Meet our new Theme Camp Coordinators!

Jul 19, 2021

We are excited to introduce our two new Theme Camp Co-leads: Andrea and Bex. These lovely Burners have stepped forward to look after your Theme Camp needs and will be bringing you all some passion, challenges, support, and exciting changes for 2022.

Andrea Brewster (aka Rave Bunny) is a 3-time Kiwiburner and a big fan of Google docs, all-nighters and champagne. She’s a devoted worshipper of the Doof Church at Chur, life drawing model and host of Erotic Masterchef at camp Devour & Delight. Off Paddock, she enjoys running up hills, skiing down them and being underwater. She lives and plays in Tāmaki Makaurau and is excited to help you bring your weird, creative and hilarious ideas to life through Theme Camps. 

Bex attended her first Burn in 2017 in a last-minute decision – and the froth, freedom and fundamentals of the Paddock never really washed away as she embraced being a Burner for life. Since then, she’s adopted the role of camp-mother, sunrise-hammock-dweller, moon-mooner, fire-toy-lover, genuine-hugger and late-night-raver. Outside of the Big Week, she’s passionate about authentic conversations, her cat, Microsoft Excel, wine and pineapples. She’s chuffed to be working with and learning from all of you!

Updates on Theme Camp registration and tickets coming soon, watch this space!

Image: Andrea and Bex, in alphabetical order!

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