Sustainability Team Needs Humans!

Sep 20, 2021

Kiwiburn’s new Sustainability Team needs some capable humans to help us become a less trashy community (less literally trash-creating, that is. Burners are welcome to be as low-brow as they wish). Specifically, we need a Data Collection Lead and several Think Tank Blasters.

The Data Collection Lead will recruit and manage a team to collect data about how sustainable theme camps are. They will collect information from Theme Camps in the run up to the Burn and on site, then analyse this data and present their findings. You’ll need to be pretty ace with spreadsheets because, well, data, but are otherwise free to organise this task as you see fit. The role is 1 to 3 hours per week before, during, and after the Burn.

The Think Tank Blasters are the folk who will work with Theme Camps as they construct and carry out their sustainability plans. You’ll need to be adaptable to find the best ways to support the Theme Camp leads, you will need to  research ideas and collaborate well online. Thus, strong collaboration as well as research skills and some knowledge of sustainable practices are ideal. The role is 1 to 3 hours per week from September to January, with no responsibilities during the Burn itself, though you may want to check in on the camps you’ve assisted to see your ideas in action.

Check out the full job descriptions and apply online here

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons, with additional content by the Electric Fencepost team.

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