There and everywhere, it’s a Round Up!

Nov 19, 2018

Welcome back to the Regional Round up, drawing in news from the rest of the world to tickle your eye-lobes (yep totally a thing). But first, a pop quiz! What does a world-wide mosaic, a Minotaur in Toulouse, some bums, the world of design and some graffiti have in common?

The answers lie within…

Oh look! Collaborative art – draw a picture, join the project. These ladies are creating a mosaic with artists from all around the world. 

Burning Man structures are teaching the world… of design. Check out how their approach developed into shelters for refugee camps by diligently reading the article.

Quiz number 2: How many Toulouse apartment dwellers does it take to ignore a 50 ton Minotaur? And what about the number of French street-theatre company performers operating a giant mechanical spider? You will not regret following this link, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Sorry Ron. 

L’amour dans le desert espagnol; follow a week-in-the-life of these investigative kinky Nobodies. In French and translated into clumpy and kind of charming English, this is may be NSFW (that means: Not Suitable For Work, or so I heard) as there are bums and lots of (non-explicit) orgy-chat. 

From Oakland, USA… it’s Andrew Johnstone, a painter, mentor, educator and writer. He’s been working with young people (AKA “yoof”), teaching them to draw and paint to help turn their wayward-tagging-ways into beautiful-street-art-ways. Then he wrote a book about it. Check out ‘Contents Under Pressure’ and more about the project on the website (scroll down, there’s a video). Oh and he is on Man Krewe, which is how this links to Burning Man if you were wondering. There is also a Facebook page if you are interested (there’s a video on that too).

On another note – did you know BMHQ (Burning Man Headquarters) have a library?! 


So there you have it. Now listen to this ya groover.

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