Mar 13, 2022

Kiwiburn welcomes our accounting overlords! If your default world talents include working with money, budgets, spreadsheets, debits and credits – this is your chance to apply your skills in a creative context that will not get you arrested. 

The treasurer is a lone wolf, an accountant (bookkeeper? CFO? Auditor? We’ll flesh it out in post production!) on a mission of making ticket revenue balance with fun(ding for arts and facilities). Other accountants look at the Kiwiburn Treasurer in awe – how can one individual display such professional competence while being just so darn cool? 

Notable past treasurers include our current ExCom Big Boss, Money Daddy, as well as Ben Affleck as seen in “The Accountant”. For reals. Read the delightful job description here and apply before the others get there first!

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