Mar 13, 2022

The Wellbeing Facilitator is a new role, pulling together all aspects of looking after mental and physical wellbeing of participants, volunteers, and any other humans who might be involved in the Burn. This means you look after the Black Sheep Rangers, the Medics, Sanctuary, Know your Stuff, and Consent Club. We would like our Wellbeing God(dess) to be empathetic and caring in their ascending aspect, but organised and structured when Jupiter aligns with Mars, sort of thing. Like all ExCom roles, you will be thinking about strategic direction and the big picture while ensuring all teams are doing what they can to support and hold us humans in our Burn journey. 

Sound like you? Read the full job spec which gives a lot of detail about time commitment and skill set here, and sign up here.

This role also has an open 2iC position, so we can accommodate two fabulous deities!

Image Credit: “Angel”, Kazimierz Sichulski, 1911.

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