What in the world? It’s the Regional Round-up!

Jul 9, 2018

Holy worldwide community Batman, take a look at what’s happening where most of us aren’t!

In South Africa:
Check out AfrikaBurn 2018 in illustrations.

And, the 2019 theme has been announced! It is Ephemeropolis and they are currently calling out for poster submissions. Release the artist in you. 

In Israel:
Memories from Midburn – read all the snippets about what happened this year.

In America:
There seem to be regional events happening in the US of A constantly… there are TEN in July alone. These things however, are about Burning Man, the Originator.

Going to Burning Man this year? Join a project, contribute, become cooler. Find out how, here.

Have a sneak peek at Temple 2018.

21 June saw the summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere and a global day of commemoration for Burning Man founder Larry HarveyDid you get together and celebrate the solstice, or Larry? We’d love to hear about it! Feel free to send us photos or post them on Facebook. Read this beautiful piece from the Burning Man journal, written by Stewert Mangrum, and see a summary of the many writings honouring Larry here.

The Burning Man Project has established the Larry Harvey Art and Philosophy Fund to support work that reflects Larry’s passion for the playful and the profound. Find out about it and/or donate here.

In The Netherlands:
Where do the sheep sleep? In Holland, 26-30 July of course. This will be their third burn, with almost 1000 sheep erm people. Gezellig! Gezellig!

In Spain:
Nowhere, it’s overrr! Only just. It happened 3-8 July. We are thinking of all the Nobodies out there, cleaning up in the dusty heat. Keep your eyes on the prize, those Euros know how to party. Hopefully this link will give you sweet photos sometime soon…

In Europe somewhere, three years ago:
This article was written exploring the Burning Man ethos in Europe compared to the US. It is an easy read (even if it is long), still relevant and an interesting expedition into the burning culture, especially for new recruits! #academics

In Australia:
Modifyre has also just finished, but it is much closer to home. Potentially motivational FOMO through photos anyone?

In Latvia!
Degošie Jani (in Latvian: burning ones), or Dejā for the non-Latvians, is Latvia’s tiny unofficial regional event in it’s fifth year. This year it took place 21-25 June and hosted roughly 230 humans. Check out photos of the Effigy (and maybe other stuff) on their Facebook page.

Degošie Jani doesn’t have ten, but 12 guiding principles dubbed ‘The Code of the Republic’, and are outlined in the kabbalah-like diagram on their website. As an expansion or adaptation of Burning Man’s 10 principles, these could be seen as more relevant for today’s changing world. What do you think?

BONUS – they also have a nifty little feature at the bottom of the page showing you a timeline of some regional burns around the world. Looky looky.

“Hey that’s really neat.” – Anon.

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