The next Kiwiburn will be held inJanuary 2025
Exact dates to be confirmed
Stay tuned and we’ll see you on the Paddock!

Recent News

New Kiwiburn Chairperson needed!

Kiwiburn is looking for a new Chairperson. One of three officer positions, it’s usually held by a Kiwiburner who has been involved for a few years, been a keen volunteer and is level headed, clear thinking and enthusiastic. Read the job description HERE. Sound like...

Captured moments

Kiwiburn is blessed with talented, creative people. Expressing themselves through photography this year was Andy Flint, whose photos can be seen here; Jamie Miller of Kasai Photography whose album is here; and Craig Neilson whose portraits are here.  Please...

Hazards and falls

There are teams of volunteers who work tirelessly year round, as well as on site, to help make Kiwiburn a safe place for participants to express themselves. They are people like you, they are your campmates, your neighbours, they are enthusiastic volunteers.  ...

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