The next Kiwiburn will be held inJanuary 2025<br />
Exact dates to be confirmed<br />
Stay tuned and we’ll see you on the Paddock!

Recent News

Kiwiburn 2016 dates confirmed!

It's official: Kiwiburn 2016 will be held from Wednesday 27 January until Monday 1 February. Mark it in your calendars and diaries, book the time off work and let all your friends know. And now that you know, there are no excuses; you have plenty of time to prepare...

2016 Art Theme

Hey you clever burners, what will be the Art Theme for 2016? Put on your thinking hat for ideas for the thirteenth Kiwiburn – unlucky for some! For inspiration, here are the posters depicting the themes over the years. (LINK)     Email your fabulous ideas to...

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