Introducing the new central hub of Kiwiburn: The Village!

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The kiwiburn valley
Located in the upper paddock, The Village is designed to be a vibrant cultural and informational hub. In this space you will find the The Depot (info and ice sales), The Artery and the new and improved Centre Camp. This hub is also a space for art, music, lounging, shade and possibly coffee! This central area is a starting point for our community to share, create, organise and even get amongst some non-compulsory fun! Got a question? Need some ice? Shade? Entertainment? The Village is your go-to place, with combined functional services with a central space to share and have fun in order to create a buzzing market-like feel throughout the event.
The Depot
The Depot is like a kissing booth, but with ice and no kissing… so it’s actually an ice booth. It’s also an information booth and provides a station to help Kiwiburn volunteers remember when their shifts are. If you’ve been to Kiwiburn before, you may have bought ice from the Depot – it’s the only thing you can buy at Kiwiburn in our decommodified culture (for food safety reasons too). If you are super organised, responsible, sensible and efficient, you may make a great Depot volunteer, so take the quiz in the black box at the bottom of this link to find out whether you’re up to the challenge.
Centre Camp
Centre Camp has always been a fixture at Kiwiburn, though it’s spent some time being under-utilised. Kiwiburn 2016 will see this space transform into a lively atmosphere harnessing the power of our collective awesomeness. This space is your opportunity to host or be part of workshops, performances, talks and miscellaneous shenanigans.

To that end, we of course need you! Get involved by popping in to see what’s going on during the event OR host something of your own. Remember that twerkshop you wanted to organise? Or was it the barber shop afternoon? The ukulele jam sounded like a good idea… Or maybe you’d like to lead a yoga class? We know! You wanted to host a freak show, but didn’t have anywhere to do it. Well, it turns out we know a place (HINT: it’s Centre Camp). We also know you’re a talented bunch of humans who are aching to share, so scour those big brains of yours and show us what ya got! We’ll have a stage and sound system for your use and there will be a cosy space for a spot of leaning.

Register your event at Centre Camp here.

The Artery
Kiwiburn is primarily an arts festival, and for the 2016 event we reckon there needs to be a dedicated arts information centre – so we’re making it happen! We’re bringing back “The Artery”. You will find the Artery nestled in a corner of Centre Camp – proudly signposted! All are welcome to come say “Hey” any day of the festival from 2pm–5pm.

The Artery is the heART of all things art on the Paddock for both artist support and those participants wanting to learn more about the creations found at Kiwiburn and the people that bring them into being. It’s a good way for artists to connect on the Paddock, to perhaps plot and plan for future Kiwiburn collaborations, for you to ask those big questions; “how the hell did you make that?” and for you to learn about our Art Grants programme. Yep, Kiwiburn helps fund a large amount of the art you find on site each year.

We will be on call via radio (for artists support) on the Tuesday and Wednesday of the event! So holla at us if you need any help!

The Artery is a place of education, inspiration and celebration! Flick through portfolios of previous Effigy and Temple builds, read up on artist statements to learn more about their art, chill in the shade creating collaboratively, or on your ownsy! At Centre Camp you can host workshops, and perhaps, with the supplies housed in the Artery this will make it easier for those keen to share their creative skills.

The Artery isn’t all business though and we’ll be throwing a few events down:
– Day and night time art tours will use the Artery as a starting point
– An artwork swap
– Artist talks
– A gallery opening: an excuse to show off knowledge learnt with that art-history degree, eat cheese and drink wine and act like a fancy wanker!

We’ll be looking for volunteers, so if your heart beats art, get in touch!