Calling all Sound and Theme Camp leads!

Kiwiburn Media Team

Dancealot Camp

Photo of Dancealot by Peter Jennings


Kiwiburn is in the process of creating a Sound Policy to govern the use of sound systems on the Paddock and we need you to be involved!

How? We will run a series of three chaired video conference meetings to discuss the use of amplified sound and how best to manage it, and to create a policy document

Why? With a number of sound-related issues arising during the 2017 event needing to be addressed long-term, our combined brain power and input should help us form a binding policy that is a) workable, b) fair, c) measureable.

  • The first meeting will be communicating the issues that need to be resolved, and discussing possible solutions that are workable. Out of this first meeting we wish to create understanding and a broad set of the ‘rules’ to be discussed and extrapolated on in the following meetings.
  • The second meeting will be aimed at fleshing out these rules, measurement, and implementation.
  • The third meeting will be a presentation of the policy and one final opportunity to alter the document.

This document will form the Sound Policy that will be used for Kiwiburn 2018. Interested parties need to register their interest here before Sunday 5 November 2017.