Kiwiburn farewells veteran volunteer and Operations Lead, Poppy Norman

Kiwiburn Media Team

Poppy Norman on the Paddock

Like a lot of our key volunteers, Poppy likes to avoid the limelight, however, having been such an integral part of Kiwiburn over the years, we couldn’t let her leave without saying a few words.

Poppy has been a custodian of the event from its early days at Whakamaru to what it is today. Her roles within Kiwiburn have been diverse over the years as the event has grown and changed.

She first attended Kiwiburn in 2007 as an organiser of infamous Theme Camp, Skullfuck, a presence on the Paddock on and off throughout the years. From 2008, Poppy volunteered in various roles, taking on more responsibility in 2010 when she joined the ExCom, a role she has held (mostly) from then until now. She has held several high level roles including Ministry of Public Works (MPW) Manager (2012-2016), Head Site Manager (2015-2018) and Operations Manager (2014-2019). Poppy has also been the Manager of various departments throughout the years including Perimeter, Crew Kitchen, Purchasing, Sanitation, Depot and Town Planning.

Poppy’s roles as Head Site Manager and Operations Manager led to her being the person responsible for most of the serious incidents which have occurred at Kiwiburn. We would like the acknowledge the gravity of this and thank her for taking on this level of responsibility.

Poppy’s roles included many tasks including helping build and maintain relationships with local stakeholders and a range of people in the Hunterville community. She fostered solid relationships with the landowners, security, and medics, helped with site move, logistics and heeeeeaps of other things we probably can’t even think of as her roles often overlapped and were amorphous, wearing many hats at the same time! She would just muck in where the work was needed. Did you know her favourite role was managing and cleaning the portable toilets, because it was the only time people weren’t asking her questions and one of the few times she was recognised for her contribution.

It is with immeasurable thanks for her invaluable contributions to Kiwiburn, we say farewell to one of our longest serving volunteers, as she moves to focus her energy in new areas. Thank you for all your contributions over the years.

We invite the Kiwiburn community to express appreciation and gratitude to Poppy for her guidance, contributions, and knowledge gifted throughout her time volunteering for Kiwiburn.