Where in the world? Regional Round-up

Kiwiburn Media Team

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Things that are happening where we aren’t… but where you could be… 

In Australia:

Didn’t get your hands on a ticket in time? Need to sell your ticket? Their STEP (Secure Ticket Exchange Program) has launched, in order to match up those selling tickets with those needing them. And keep an eye out on the Burning Seed website and social media pages for information.

We are not Robots. A long but interesting read about what happened at the Australia and New Zealand Burners Leadership Summit (ANZLS) which took place in June in Melbourne. Do we have a down-under burner culture? What makes us special? What else are we doing? Read it!

In America:

Ruining Burning Man since…? Vice would have us believe there are six types of people who will ruin Burning Man just by being there. Read all about them here. Do you agree?

Mega Blanket will stretch out over the Playa this year. Made with material designed by NASA, this blanket is an art installation/sun protector by Russian artist Alex Shtanuk. If we had this on the Paddock it would protect us all! More to the story and some photos, here.

Year-round Burners keeping that community alive – read about Reno’s year round Playa. 

Read about Gerlach and the growth of Burning Man… and we thought 2000 was big. 

How big is Burning Man? Will it fit in your city? Find out here.

Explore the Burning Man exhibition, No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man, on at the Renwick Gallery in DC, and now available virtually, here.

In Russia:

Burning Man-inspired arts-based event Archstoyanie takes place at the end of July… read this old article about it (and oh my, those buildings) and this newer one, about the community as a whole.

In General:

Burners Without Borders have a newsletter! Get inspired to share the love, read all about what BWB have been doing and get out there! #blessed

In New Zealand, next year…

The event YOU create in YOUR community. Do-ocracy at its finest.