Kiwiburn 2020 Gate Information

Please read on after Gate Hours for more Gate related information.


Wednesday 22 January  Open: 8am
Close: 2am
Thursday 23 January Open: 9am
Close: 12am
Friday 24 January Open: 9am
Close: 12am
Saturday 25 January Open: 9am
Close: 6pm

There are no Gate sales

You need to have your ticket ready for the Gate Crew to process in advance. There will be Gate Crew checking everyone in the vehicle queue has their ticket ready. There is no reception at Gate so if you don’t have your ticket ready, you will be instructed to pull your vehicle out of the queue and turn around to find reception on the main road.

Gate Crew will also be checking that you are prepared for the event with water, food and all the things you need to survive on the paddock with Radical Self-reliance. If you are not prepared, your vehicle will be turned around to stock up on sufficient supplies for the duration of the event.

If you wish to leave during the event you will be required to pay a re-entry fee of $20 per vehicle (these can be purchased from either Gate or Depot), so bring EVERYTHING that you will need. Ice is available to buy during the event from the Depot.

These mandates are intended to:

  • Promote self-reliance
  • Promote community interactions
  • Reduce “spectator” attendance
  • Give the volunteers running Gate and Greeters time to enjoy the event.

If for some reason you need to arrive outside Gate hours, you require  pre-approval. Please email to explain:

  • The circumstances which make it impossible for you arrive outside of Gate Hours or to find alternative accommodation.
  • The contribution that you are making.

If you would like to volunteer for Gate Crew please fill out the volunteer form and sign up!.

Remember to bring your ticket!


Ticket holders who DO NOT have pre-approved early entry access will not be admitted prior to 8am Wednesday 22 January. If you do not have early entry pre-approval, you will be turned away. Outside of all Gate Hours, security will be stationed on the road entry to the event.


Build EARLY ENTRY GATE HOURS (by pre-approval ONLY)

Sunday 19 January  Open: 10am
Close: 6pm
Monday 20 January Open: 10am
Close: 6pm
Tuesday 21 January Open: 10am
Close: 6pm