Kiwiburn 2020 will be held from 22–27 January

Please note: Kiwiburn 2018 tickets have SOLD OUT!

STEP is now closed!
Any unsold tickets have reverted back to their original owner. If you want to buy or sell a ticket, you now need to do this using Quicket’s Ticket Transfer feature.

You are able to transfer tickets directly to other people through Quicket until 28 January, however STEP is the only secure way to buy or sell tickets. If you choose to buy or sell privately, we recommend you know and trust the person you’re buying from or selling to. Click here to read about how to transfer tickets.

The name on your ticket must match the legal name on your ID. You can edit the details on your ticket, but note that you can only do this once! Click here to read about how to edit your ticket details.

If you haven’t already set one up, click here to create your Kiwiburner Profile!

The ticket price for the 2018 event is $170.00 + $4.23 booking fee.

Read more about Kiwiburn’s ticketing changes here

1. Ticket sale date is 10am on 7 October 2017, approx 1800 tickets available.
2. New ticket vendor is Quicket.
3. Children age 15 and under require a free ticket.
4. This year, everyone needs to have a Kiwiburner Profile, so prior to purchasing your tickets there will be a few quick questions for you to answer. You can do this any time from 10am on 23 September, here.
5. You are able to purchase a maximum of two adult tickets tickets per Quicket account. If you only bought one ticket, you are able to go back and buy one more on your account.

Important information:

  • For the 2018 event, everyone will be expected to show ID at the gate which matches the name on their ticket. Please use your legal name when buying a ticket!
  • Please remember that there are no free tickets for volunteers – everyone buys a ticket – so if you’ve signed up to volunteer, please ensure you have a ticket.
  • Buying tickets from outside of New Zealand? You can check the current day and time in New Zealand here.
  • You can bring a printout of your ticket or show it on your phone. Please note there is limited cellphone reception at Gate, so download your tickets in advance!
  • There are no Gate sales, though tickets may still be purchased online until 4pm on the Saturday of the event (unless the event is sold out). Note that Gate closes at 4pm on Saturday.
  • Debit card and credit card payments are accepted online, but not EFTPOS or direct deposits.
  • By purchasing tickets you acknowledge you have read and agree to the Conditions of Entry, and understand the $20 Gate pass out.
  • If you have any questions regarding tickets, or any problems with online ticket purchases, please email


  • All children under 18 must be accompanied by, and remain the sole responsibility of, a parent or guardian.
  • Children aged 15 and under at the start of the festival require a free child’s ticket acquired in advance from Quicket. Be prepared to show proof of age at Gate.
  • An emergency contact who is in New Zealand but NOT at Kiwiburn must be provided when acquiring tickets for children aged 15 and under.
  • There is a limit of six child tickets per Quicket account.
  • Children do not need a Kiwiburner Profile.
  • Participants ages 16-18 require full-price tickets.

Ticket FAQs

Can I get a refund on my ticket?
Tickets are non-refundable. However, Quicket offers a Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) making it easy to sell your ticket to someone else only once tickets have sold out. Quicket puts buyers and sellers into queues and matches them up, then they are able to sell tickets to others securely through the website. The buyer purchases a ticket at the original price, and the seller receives a full refund, minus the service fee which is non-refundable. STEP will open only after all tickets have been sold.

My confirmation email didn’t come through
Kiwiburn ticketing is contracted to Quicket. For any issues with your purchase, you will need to contact Quicket by email.

Why do we need a Kiwiburner Profile?
Everyone participating in Kiwiburn should know what the event is and what it’s not, so they’re as prepared as they can be. The Kiwiburner Profile form asks a few quick questions to make sure people understand what Kiwiburn is all about! It’s not a test and there are no wrong answers. There are also a few questions about you to get an idea of who makes up our Kiwiburn community. These answers will make up part of the event Census, and you’ll be able to see the results post-event on the website.The whole process should only take a few minutes, and will carry over for next year so you only have to do it once!

When can I fill out my Kiwiburner Profile?
Kiwiburner Profile registration is open before tickets go on sale, so you can fill out the form in advance and be ready when the sale begins. You can also do it when you’re about to buy a ticket as it only takes a few minutes. Kiwiburner Profile registration opens two weeks before the ticket onsale date each year.

Does everyone need a Kiwiburner Profile?
Yes, every ticket holder (not just ticket buyers) will have to make a Kiwiburner Profile. Quicket will check that the email address entered for each ticket holder is linked to a Kiwiburner Profile, so if you’re buying a ticket for someone else, make sure they have a Kiwiburner Profile and you have the email address they used for their Profile. The one exception is children under 16, who will not need a Kiwiburner Profile.

What if I want to buy a ticket to gift later?
You can purchase a ticket without a Kiwiburner Profile linked email, but the ticket will not be available to be downloaded or used until a valid Kiwiburner Profile email has been linked to it.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
Yes, you can transfer your ticket to someone else as long as they have a Kiwiburner Profile. Quicket will generate a new ticket with a new barcode once it has been transferred, making the original ticket invalid, which means your automatic membership of Kiwiburn Inc Society is cancelled and the new ticket holder instead becomes a Member of Kiwiburn
Inc Society. Read about how to transfer your ticket here.

Can I bring my friend/sibling under 18?
People under 18 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis on written application from the parent or legal guardian to the ExCom.

How fast do tickets sell out?
Tickets for the 2017 event sold out in six days, much faster than previous years. Remember, you can always buy one and sell it securely through STEP if you end up not being able to come.

Have all the tickets sold out in the Main Sale? Is there another Sale?
Some tickets were held back from the main sale to ensure key volunteers have tickets. These are people whom without their skill, expertise and time, Kiwiburn would not happen. If the whole allocation is not used in this Directed Ticket Sale, the tickets will be put into STEP for the community to buy.

Ticket Revenue

In case you’re wondering what happens to the money you pay for your ticket:
Kiwiburn is a collective experience. Everyone contributes, everybody pays. This is the underlying principle for the budget. Your ticket money, which includes your annual membership of Kiwiburn Inc, goes into a pool, from which the expenses involved in running Kiwiburn Inc and putting on the event are paid. These expenses include:

  • Council fees for use of land and permits.
  • Safety equipment.
  • Donation to a local nature reserve to help offset the greenhouse gas emissions from the festival.
  • Provision of toilets to meet OSH regulations.
  • Building and kitting out of infrastructure (Town Hall, The Man, The Temple, Greeter Station, signage within the town)
  • Printing of tickets, posters, survival guides, miscellaneous information.
  • Hiring of a professional emergency medical crew to meet OSH standards for safety.
  • Hiring of a professional security company to monitor the gate after-hours and the perimeter during the festival.
  • Donations to the local fire brigade for their presence at the burns.
  • This does not take into account all the work done for free (and incidental costs from their own pockets) by the volunteers. We hope that in years to come, Kiwiburn will be big enough to source our First Aid from within the community, but meanwhile in order to have the event we must hire professionals. These are the only people who get paid to be there, other than the Security team.

As you can see, Kiwiburn has a lot of expenses, and these are what your ticket pays for. In the event that ticket sales outweigh expenses and there is money left over after the festival, all surplus will be re-invested into next year’s festival. Our festival is growing, our tickets help with that.

After the event if you are interested in seeing exactly where the money went, please visit the Afterburn section of the website for a complete summary of expenses and income, and how much will go back into next year’s festival.

Ticket scams

In 2017, there were reports of ticket scams. Kiwiburn has changed ticketing vendors for 2018 and Quicket offers a Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) making it easy to buy a ticket or sell your ticket to someone else once tickets have sold out. We recommend only selling and buying tickets through STEP unless it is a person you already know, in which case you can use the Ticket Transfer feature on Quicket. STEP will protect you from scams! If you must buy or sell a ticket with someone you don’t know, outside of STEP (why are you doing that?) here are some tips:

  • Please be careful if someone is buying or selling a ticket, or if someone responds to your post and contacts you via Facebook Get the buyer or seller to add you as a friend so you can check out their Facebook profile.
  • Always transfer tickets with Quicket’s Ticket Transfer tool, NOT by editing the ticket information. The Ticket Transfer tool will generate a new ticket with a new barcode once it has been transferred, and make the original ticket invalid. This process is irreversible so be careful when transferring a ticket to someone you don’t know.
  • Make sure you see a copy of the ticket or a screenshot of the ticket transfer page before buying.
  • Consider using Paypal as the form of payment for a layer of protection.
  • Beware if the seller says things like “I’ve had chargeback issues in the past with paypal and need the money in my bank.”
  • Get their personal contact details and give them a call or try meet up in person.
  • Ask yourself: Why isn’t this person just buying/selling a ticket through STEP?