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Safety First (or third)

Hey, you know what’s not lame? Safety.  Ever dreamed of being the guardian angel of Kiwiburn? Now's your chance! We're on the hunt for a Health and Safety Facilitator who's as passionate about safety as they are about DoBros. Picture this: you'll be part of our wild...

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Calling All People-Who-Own-A-Smartphone

Oh, it’s you! Just the human we’ve been seeking.  Let's face it, we all spend more time than we'd like to admit doomscrolling the socials. But what if you could turn that never-ending wheel of global catastrophes and cats into something epic? Enter: the opportunity to...

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2ic Roles for days!

Want to get involved with Kiwiburn behind the scenes but not sure where to begin? Feeling anxious about how you’ll get a ticket now that the lottery is smaller than ever? Well fret not, here’s two roles that will solve both of those worries! First up is the Ticketing...

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Wellbeing Facilitator and 2ic Needed!

The Wellbeing Team (Rangers, Sanctuary, Consent Club, Know Your Stuff, and Medics) have found themselves leaderless and need a couple of awesome souls to step into the Wellbeing Facilitator and 2iC roles. If you’re passionate about supporting the Kiwiburn community’s...

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Money Money Money

Hey! You like money, right? Budgets make your heart sing? Know how to navigate IRD? Then we’ve got just the thing for you! Kiwiburn really needs a Treasurer and a 2iC to take care of all the financial bits. The Treasurer is responsible for all KB finances, making sure...

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Poster Comp Is Nearly Closed!

In case you’ve been hard at work hibernating through the Winter (we don’t blame you), you may have missed it: Kiwiburn 2025 dates have been announced AND we have a Theme. What don’t we have? A poster! That’s where you, and your incredible (or decidedly average)...

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Always running late? Here’s some minutes!

In their continued effort to be more transparent with the community, $exCom has provided a new way to view minutes from their meetings. All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of this very email, and click the ‘Excom Minutes’ button. Then you can peruse them...

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Become Sharky’s Super Sidekick!

Our fantastic Postmaster, Sharky, is still in need of a co-lead. This important role helps to keep the community connected by managing our Google Workspace, Airtable, Slack, and Gmail, and assisting our wonderful volunteers in the use of these digital tools. If this...

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