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Dec 6, 2016 | ExCom, Faces of Kiwiburn, Kiwiburn

Kiwiburn is full of all sorts of wonderful people like you! Kiwiburn is a community, not just an organisation, and it’s growing daily, so we appointed a Community Engagement Lead to act as a conduit between the decision makers and those affected by the decisions. Jo Artemis will be facilitating information sharing and consultation to encourage active participation and a variety of voices in discussions that affect the community.

Jo Artemis Community Engagement Lead

Jo says, “I’m pleased to be supporting the Executive Committee (ExCom) in the awesome work they do. I love building, singing, dancing, crafting and being fabulous in fancy dress. I live in Raglan and work at the upcycler’s wonderland that is Xtreme Zero Waste – our community recycle centre, and I’m studying a degree in counselling.”

She’ll be keeping an eye on the ExCom google group to identify topics of interest to the wider community and make sure community members are aware of avenues to provide feedback/opinions. Jo will be working closely with the Kiwiburn’s Media Team to get news and information to the community.

You can contact her via email regarding all things Kiwiburn and she can put you through to the right people.

Community Engagement Lead Key Responsibilities:

  • Monitor the Community Engagement email inbox and send out acknowledgements of receipt. Follow up as necessary to ensure that email enquiries receive a prompt reply. Engage with the ExCom and stakeholders to pass on replies to individuals where appropriate.
  • Keep an eye on the ExCom google group and identify any topics that are of interest to the wider community.
  • Engage with Kiwiburn’s wider community to alert when a topic of interest is under discussion, and make sure community members are aware of avenues to provide feedback/opinions.
  • Seek out and consolidate community feedback to pass on to the appropriate people or groups within Kiwiburn’s organisational structure.
  • Engage with the Comms Team to address common threads, FAQs or contentious issues in a public response through social media and the Electric Fence Post where appropriate.
  • Develop a relationship with Burning Man’s Communications team to share resources, tools, and experience.
  • Suggest other opportunities to improve community engagement generally.

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