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Aug 17, 2017 | Burner Profile, ExCom, Kiwiburn, Team Leads, Ticketing

Yes, Kiwiburn had printed tickets for a few years! This one is from 2008.


Kiwiburn has changed ticketing vendors for the 2018 event. Built by Burners, Quicket has amazing features specifically for Burn events.


Key changes:

  • There is a ticket transfer system which makes it really easy to send your ticket to someone else.
  • If you need to sell your ticket, or buy a ticket after they’ve sold out, the Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) can match you with someone wanting to buy or sell a ticket. The transactions are made securely through Quicket.
  • Quicket has Burner Profiles! Everyone will need to make a Kiwiburn Burner Profile to be able to get a ticket.

If your questions are not answered below or on this page, contact the Ticketing Team via email at and they’ll be able to help you!

Why do we need a Burner Profile?
Everyone participating in Kiwiburn should know what the event is and what it’s not, so they’re as prepared as they can be. The Burner Profile form asks a few quick questions to make sure people understand what Kiwiburn is all about! It’s not a test and there are no wrong answers. There are also a few questions about you to get an idea of who makes up our Kiwiburn community. These answers will make up part of the event Census, and you’ll be able to see the results post-event on the website.The whole process should only take a few minutes, and will carry over for next year so you only have to do it once!

When can I fill out my Burner Profile?
Burner Profile registration is open before tickets go on sale, so you can fill out the form in advance and be ready when the sale begins. You can also do it when you’re about to buy a ticket as it only takes a few minutes. Burner Profile registration opens a few weeks before the ticket onsale date each year.

Does everyone need a Burner Profile?
Yes, every ticket holder (not just ticket buyers) will have to make a Burner Profile. Quicket will check that the email address entered for each ticket holder is linked to a Burner Profile, so if you’re buying a ticket for someone else, make sure they have a Burner Profile and you have the email address they used for their Profile. The one exception is children under 16, who will not need a Burner Profile.

What if I want to buy a ticket to gift later?
You can purchase a ticket without a Burner Profile linked email, but the ticket will not be available to be downloaded or used until a valid Burner Profile email has been linked to it.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
Yes, you can transfer your ticket to someone else as long as they have a Burner Profile. Quicket will generate a new ticket with a new barcode once it has been transferred, making the original ticket invalid.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?
Tickets are non-refundable. However, Quicket offers a Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) making it easy to sell your ticket to someone else only once tickets have sold out. Quicket puts buyers and sellers into queues and matches them up, then they are able to sell tickets to others securely through the website. The buyer purchases a ticket at the original price, and the seller receives a full refund, minus the service fee which is non-refundable. STEP will open only after all tickets have been sold.

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