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Oct 17, 2017 | Art, Burning Man, Kiwiburn

‘Helping Hand’ by Nico. Photo by Tangent


from the Kiwiburn Pro-Art Protection Agency

A unique part of the incredible world we encounter on the Paddock is the fabulous art to be discovered there. The nature of Kiwiburn means weird and wacky art has a chance to shine outside of the context of a traditional gallery.

Many of the art installations are interactive, however, just because they’re sitting there out on the Paddock to be discovered and enjoyed, does NOT mean you can tamper, play with, climb or swing on pieces without checking first whether it’s ‘that kind of art’…

Months of hard work – blood, sweat and magical artist tears – go into the making of the art installations gifted to us all by participants each year. Their gift is super special, so let’s respect it accordingly! It’s the Civic Responsibility of us all to look out for the artworks around us and protect them, as well as protecting friends who could damage themselves on the art rather than the other way around!

Not sure how to interact with the art?

  • Ooh look, a cool thing! Your immediate instinct is to climb it, get into it, on top of it, or maybe follow some pretty cables and open up the innards of the art because you just gotta know how this darn thing works! Hang on, is there a sign explicitly encouraging you to do such a thing? No? Then DON’T! Simple as that. 
  • Does the art have moving pieces? Wondering what would happen if you kick it or push it over? Don’t touch it. We don’t want you hurting yourselves or damaging the art. Don’t be a jerk.
  • I like it, I might take it home as it would look great on the front lawn. Um, no. It’s not yours. It belongs to someone else who spent a lot of time and money creating it.

RESPECT the art at Kiwiburn, or the Pro-Art Protection Agency will be on your arse as quick as art students hitting up the free wine and cheese at a gallery opening!

Heartbreak at Burning Man
Disrespecting someone’s gift of art has consequences. It’s heartbreaking, as an artist found out at Burning Man in 2017. Watch their story here.

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