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Oct 27, 2017 | Adopt a Burner, Community initiatives

Veteran Kiwiburners and aspiring Kiwiburners helping each other out


By Hayley Ware

Hi, I’m Hayley, and 2017 was my first Kiwiburn! I was lucky enough to have a group of experienced friends to go with, though I know that’s not the case for everyone.

Before my first burn it made such a difference having people to talk to when I was planning and packing. They had all these great tips for things to bring and ways to prepare that I would never have thought of! Even more importantly, they did a great job of teaching me all about the ethos of the Burner world, and thanks to their preparation I was able to slide into it really easily.

Part of their teaching was helping me come up with ways I could contribute, which got me thinking about what I wanted to gift, and encouraged me to volunteer. All of that made me feel like I was really a part of making Kiwiburn happen! I think that feeling is what makes Burns really special, and I’m so glad I had the support to step up and get amongst it! It’s so rewarding.

I know that not everyone is lucky enough to have Burner friends to welcome and guide them into the community, so when someone suggested connecting new and veteran Burners before Kiwiburn I really fell in love with the idea and wanted to make it happen!

So I put my thinking cap on, nutted out a plan, and now I present to you,

Adopt a Burner!

Are you a new Burner looking for some guidance for your first Kiwiburn? Have some questions about how best to prepare, or generally trying to get a handle on what our community is all about? Want to meet someone who can help you learn about the magic? Well, sign up to be adopted! Adopt a Burner will help connect you with someone who can welcome you and help you learn about what makes our community great!

Or are you veteran Kiwiburner who’s been around the Paddock a few times? Are you full to the brim with practical knowledge and handy Burner tips? Do you have a solid grasp of the 10 Principles? Are you in love with our incredible community and want to help acculturate new Burners? Sign up to adopt a first time Kiwiburner! You can share all the wisdom you’ve gathered and get to experience the magic of Kiwiburn through a first timer’s eyes!

I’ve written an Adopt a Burner matching program to match you up with a Burner Buddy based on your interests, what you know about and what you want to learn about!

Veteran Kiwiburners will get matched up with new Kiwiburners so they can correspond leading up to Kiwiburn and share wisdom, encouragement, ethos and community.

If you’re keen to adopt a new Burner, or to be adopted, sign up here!

And check out the Adopt a Burner Facebook group to meet other adopters and adoptees and have some discussions about what new people want to learn and what veterans want to pass on!

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