Art Grants ahoy!

Oct 5, 2020 | Art, Grants, Innovation Grants, Kiwiburn

Brows were beaten, coins were tossed (jokes), gauntlets were thrown. Mythical Picnic Art Grants have been decided, but it wasn’t easy. Kiwiburn Arts Committee (KAC) had a busy time banging our heads against a table to figure out how to allocate funds so you could bring your creative ideas to life – it’s been the hardest year yet. Thankfully, the ExCom was able to increase funding from last year by $5500, which is EPIC. Here are some STATISTICS:

Number of applications3141
Amount requested$24,259.00$44,490.32
Number granted2327
Total amount granted$11,000.00$16,500.00

Of the applications granted, 11 were Large Grants, 14 Small and 2 Innovation.

Thank you to all the incredible humans who applied. We regret not being able to pour money over all of you, but know that we loved your applications and encourage everyone to bring ART if you can! ART ART ART! All of the art. 

…And talking about ART, what will the Mythical Picnic bring us? Well, we don’t want to give too much away, just know that Kiwiburn art this year will bring you full circle, although levitation is limited to head-height. After cavorting with an eight-limbed mollusc and dancing with the flitting and frolicking rhopalocera, you can find PEACE or walk into a reality glitch… or was that your grandparent’s living room? Hmm… Later, connect with your new pet, work on your eyesight, make friends with a fire-breather (or two) and Release among the calming sounds of nature (until you need to pee, but rest assured, your experience will be well-lit). For goodness sake, don’t forget to bring an offering so your skullduggery and inter-camp antics are successful. That’s not all, but we will say no more.

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