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Jun 28, 2021 | Kiwiburn, Ticketing


We put out a survey to the Burner community to see their reaction to a proposed ticketing change (survey and details of proposal available to view here: https://forms.gle/7bmsZK7LxFj5gRhp6). From this survey we received 304 responses from the community.

The survey can be split into two sections:

  1. Changes to the proposed ticketing process.
  2. Changes to the number of allocated reserve tickets.

We explore the results of the survey here and draw interim conclusions based on the data.

Proposed Ticketing System: Data

The survey asked people to select in a checkbox which of the following they agreed with:

  1. I agree with it being LOTTERY-BASED
  3. I agree with the PROPOSED NEW PROCESS
  4. I don’t agree with any part of this proposal and want the ticketing process to remain the same

Results are as follows. The letters represent which checkboxes were selected:

CheckboxesNumber% of Respondents

Immediately we can disregard the BCD’s, as they are saying they both agree and disagree.

Lottery-Based System

Those in favour of a lottery-based system are then given as those that both selected A, and who selected they agree with the new process:

Number% of Respondents
Agree that it should be lottery-basedA, AB, ABC, AC17457.23%
Indicate they are likely to be happy with lottery-based given they agree with new processBC, C7223.68%

Proposed New Process

Those in favour of the proposed new process are those given as having selected C.

Number% of Respondents
Agree with the proposed new processABC, AC, BC, C23075.66%

Reserve Tickets

Those in favour of increasing reserve tickets were those who selected B.

Number% of Respondents
Agree with increasing the reserve ticketsAB, ABC, B, BC, BD26085.53%

We asked Burners two questions in regards to the number of tickets that should be set aside for Reserve Tickets:

  1. What percentage of all Kiwiburn tickets do you believe should be RESERVED TICKETS for those participating and contributing to organizing the event (all forms of reserve tickets including crew, volunteers, Theme Camps & artists)?
  2. What percentage of all Kiwiburn tickets do you believe should be reserve tickets for THEME CAMPS and ARTISTS?

The results are:

Meanthe average39.9724.55
Standard Average Deviations from Mean12.468.62
Mode most number of votes50.0020.00
Medianthe middle, indicates skew if off from average40.0020.00
Standard Deviation16.4712.27

Reserve Tickets: Graphs

These graphs show the distribution of responses for the % of tickets that should be allocated. 

The Horizontal axis is % of all tickets, the vertical access is the number of people indicating that % as their preference.

Questions and Comments from the Community

You can view questions and comments raised by the community here, as well as answers from ExCom. You will note a considerable number of these questions have been addressed in the amendments below.


Reserve Tickets: Conclusions

From these results are conclusions are that:

  • Burners have suggested 40% of all tickets allocated to reserve tickets (all forms including theme camps and artists). This is supported by an alignment of both the median and mean. We suggest going to 50% of all tickets for the reasons below and in line with the mode (most votes specifically given to an amount).
  • Burners would like to see approximately 22% of all tickets allocated to theme camps and artists as reserve tickets. This is given by a 20% mode and median, with a mean of 25% including the mode and median within its standard deviation and allowing for a little drift towards it (pseudo-stats… but a reasonable guess). We suggest going to 30% of all tickets, with 25% approximately going to theme camps and 5% to artists for the reasons given below.

Reason for increase beyond the averages given by respondents:

  • Reason 1: We would like to increase theme camp reserves drastically as it will be harder for theme camps to guarantee tickets through the general sale for people in their teams that are essential. For this reasons we would like to see theme camp reserves increase to 25% of all tickets available.
  • Reason 2: We would like to encourage more art on paddock, and look to support artists who are bringing art but not necessarily receiving an art grant. For this reason we would like to allocate 5% to artists.
  • Reason 3: We would like to ensure that in a lottery based system that there is a majority of experienced Burners on paddock. Raising total reserves to 50% ensures this and retains our culture. It also encourages more participation – one of the core Burner principles.

For KB22 this would look as follows:

Crew Reserve (20%)Crew, Volunteers, Service Camps, Effigy, Temple223440460
Theme Camp Reserve (25%)280550575
Art Reserve (5%)50110115
General Sale & STEP165011001150

NOTE: Volunteer Reserves to be confirmed once audit of all shifts has been done.

Amendments to Proposed New Process

Based on the feedback from the community, we are proposing the following amendments to the New Process that was voted on:

  • We will be doing a review of the process after KB22.
  • Acknowledgement of the need to look into more fair assignment of volunteer roles / diversity & inclusion for roles available.
  • People who hold reserve tickets will only be able to purchase 1x ticket in the general sale. This is so they don’t land up with a reserve + 2 tickets from general sale.
  • Increase of time period to register as a Burner to 1-2months (or opening asap and closing at a particular date)
  • Increase of time period for purchase of initial ticket offer to 2x weeks, after which point the time period to purchase reduces to 1x week, then back to standard 48hrs for STEP.
  • Acknowledgement of the need to put in place systems to mitigate gaming or abusing the lottery the system.
  • More communications around when tickets will be released, as well as some work done between ticketing and Quicket to get emails not going to spam (potentially text notifications).
  • Increase in number and difficulty of registration questions
  • Explore having stronger criteria for ticket allocation to theme camps to mitigate the problem of theme camps with no offerings.
  • Explore implementation of a points based system for allocation of tickets to volunteers to allow volunteers to work across teams and for better distribution of volunteer reserve tickets.
  • Consideration of a set of reserves for marginalised groups including disabilities, BIPOC, trans.
  • Consideration of the idea to offer reserve tickets to people who are gifting another Burner a ticket (Kiwiburn allocated, i.e. you can’t give it to your friend).

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