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Feb 6, 2023 | Beginner Burners, Kiwiburn, Uncategorized, Volunteer

It’s done. My first Burn of any kind is over and here I sit, processing, reliving, questioning, pondering, aching about every single moment I spent on that glorious Paddock with each and every one of you.

Despite spending all year reading about Kiwiburn, writing for Kiwiburn, talking about Kiwiburn, meeting Burners and generally just obsessing over January 25th, I still wasn’t ready for the sight that greeted me as our car pulled around the corner to reveal that gorgeous field surrounded by cliffs. I had barely begun to make out the shapes of sprawling tents below when our first Greeter beckoned. The admission was easy as pie, the directions to our campsite even more so. Driving through the Paddock for the first time was wild.

I could go on and on about each moment and interaction I had and all the wonderful Theme Camps that welcomed me in like an old friend. But that would be the length of a small novel. Here are some of my moments that stayed with me.

–    Being woken up by a screaming cow alarm on Thursday morning was nothing more than hilarious. I gathered that this particular heifer was not a morning-bovine.

–   Getting into The Snuggery with my partner for a nap, only to be enthralled by the narrated snorkel-tour being taken outside.

–    Shibari 101 at V.A.G: Safe, sexy and fun!

–    Casino night at Hooch n’ Booch was a classy affair. I made a fortune in worthless chips!

–    The flower-covered van on top Paddock that was dropping utter mayhem through their speakers. I don’t know your official name, but we dubbed you “Flower-Power” and we are eternally grateful for setting the mood for an entire night of dancing!

–    The fire-WHIP! Like, omg WHAT?!

–    Paradox’s Grounds for Friendship. For the un-informed, it involved being blindfolded, arranged into pairs and then being given a series of conversational questions as well as a cup of deliciously strong coffee!
Thoroughly enjoyed this one! I bonded with my buddy over topics from childhood, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the trepidation that comes with starting one’s own business.

–   Staring down the towering inferno of the Temple and finding both strength and peace within myself.

Special Mention: Can we take a moment to pay homage, to give the maddest of props, and the very highest of praise to the absolute champions at Hooch n’ Booch? Through the entire Burn, this crew kept the party alive and well refreshed. The rain, the mud, the mulch, nothing kept their camp from being the liveliest place in sight, despite their entire camp becoming a swamp. Whether it was Brad or Ricky altering between sultry serenades and sonorous singalongs from their piano for HOURS at a time, or Becs dishing out fabulous booch and hooch in all her spooky splendour, or Kent devising the most harrowing obstacle course known to man, or Louie sprinkling fresh mulch outside like a woodland sprite, so that us punters could continue to tear up the dance floor. Perhaps the highlight of H&B’s was the delectable audible chocolate that Varun delivered on Thursday night in the form of a house set that split atoms and had dozens of people moving like it was their last dance on Earth. Every member of that Theme Camp is so chaotically wonderful.

Having Burned my Burn, I am forever grateful to have been welcomed into this community with open arms, and now join the ranks of those who will spend the next 358 days diligently planning the next one. SEE YOU ON THE PADDOCK!

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