200 Additional Tickets to be Released!

Jan 4, 2021

Photo credit: Mattia Luigi Nappi, via Wikimedia Commons

Recently, we let you know that if existing ticket holders stepped up to fill all vacant volunteer roles, we would release more tickets. In total, 167 ticketed Burners raised their hand. We salute you! Crews are still working through the list, so if you’ve not yet heard, you will soon (also check your spam folders). 

While this isn’t quite enough for an extra 500, we are releasing a total of 200 more tickets on 6 January to acknowledge those who stepped up. The bulk of the new tickets will appear on STEP. Watch your place in the queue and keep an eye out for alert emails from Quicket, and again remember to check your spam folders. If you are lucky enough to be allocated, you will have only 48 hours to respond. After that, your ticket will move to the next person in line. Please also note that after 13 January, Quicket will only allow 24 hours to respond. 

There are many of you waiting in STEP, and we know this additional 200 tickets won’t be enough for everyone! Our first consideration is always the ability to run safely and without undue compromise. Missing our seasoned international Burners, combined with the effects of other early summer events, puts strain on an already limited pool of people. If you have a ticket, or get a ticket, please volunteer: email volunteer@kiwiburn.com or fill in this form and let us know what you can do! We still have roles available.

This is the first time we are literally balancing volunteer roles against ticket numbers- the COVID travel restrictions have made it starkly clear how fundamentally we depend on everyone lending a hand. Some Burns have the philosophy of “One Burner, One Shift” – everyone pitches in and makes the magic happen! Maybe this is a sign that Kiwiburn needs to adopt this principle too!


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