A message from Sustainability Crew!

Nov 13, 2023

Hello, Earthlings! 

Kiwiburn 2024 is on the horizon, and let’s face it, getting there sustainably can be a bit of a challenge. We get it, walking and cycling are the green dream, but we’re not all marathon-ready, right? So, if you’re rolling in with wheels, and your horse-drawn cart is in the shop, here are some fab ways to cut those emissions and keep our footprints light!

  1. Rideshare Revolution:

Got that golden ticket for KB24? Lucky you! We’ve got a rideshare matchmaker ready to roll from December onwards. If you’re driving solo, no worries – offer a seat or snag one. We’ll play Cupid and match you up with a fellow Burner. Two cars become one, and we cut emissions like we cut shapes on the Paddock. Last year, only 30% went solo; let’s top that and slash emissions by another 9% if more pairs join the party!

  1. Water Wisdom:

We know the struggle of hauling water to the Burn, so last time, we made it rain with onsite water. Leave those water jugs at home, lighten your load, and watch those emissions drop. It’s a win-win for you and the planet!

KB is already one of the most sustainable Burns out there, and each year is an opportunity to improve! Let’s roll up, lighten up, and make KB2024 the greenest Burn yet!

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