A Post of Gratitude

Sep 21, 2020

Kiwiburn ExCom held its annual Summit last weekend, for the first time entirely online. In another change, not only did this include planning for the Kiwiburn 2021 event on day 1; day 2 was all about the future and where Kiwiburn wants to go when it grows up. This includes renewed focus on bringing more of a community spirit into proceedings, to engage fellow burners and across existing burner groups. It is about becoming more sustainable as an event, and also focussing more on our volunteers by creating training opportunities, preventing burn-out and providing year-round crew support. It is about increasing inclusivity and awareness, and constantly improving the organisation from all angles.

We thank all of those who attended, contributed, inspired and toiled for months to get documentation and policies ready for review. Without you, there would be no Burn!

In other most excellent news, just about all Facilitator roles are now filled and a new Theme Camp Coordinator has stepped up. Effigy and Temple Leads have been chosen and there will soon be some exciting ticketing news.

Onwards and upwards friends, as KB21 is looking might fine.

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