A round up of sorts…

Nov 12, 2018

Tēna koutou, here is some offshore news for your viewing pleasure. Ka pai world and thanks for all the fish.

Dive into the past.. and into Burning Man mischief, the story-before-the-story… find out about BRC before it was even on the beach and where it’s gone in the meantime… as told on the Binnekring Blog. Also this. 

For example! Commandeering a WWII battleship dressed as members of the previous century? Tell me more.

A dive into humanitarian work… in Puerto Rico.

Dive into some bugs (ah!)… animals and insects on the playa. Plucked unashamedly from the Jackrabbit Speaks, where we are invited to upload photographs of the (few) creatures found out thurr. Many of us won’t be in Black Rock Desert on a regular basis (and thus will have little to add), but this is sooo worth a geez if that’s what you’re into. Oh the tiny worlds. 

Dive into the moo-V’s… this film about art and the gift economy by filmmaker Robin McKenn. It’s from 2015 so you may have already heard of it but here you go anyway oh my gosh it is so cool here is a thing that was written about it (from the event happening in SF this week):

“Art and the gift economy have vitalized humanity for thousands of years — from indigenous North American potlatch culture to the global immigrant struggle; from the artist on the street to the radical desert canvas of Burning Man.”

Dive into… this weirdly calming video, swim around and enjoy the juxtaposition.

And after all that, dive into this song, then into te moana because it is basically summer already and I know you regret not going swimming last Sunday.

Ngā mihi nui, ka kite ano!

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